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Transparent phones coming soon

Every one would be curious to know whether such transparent phones phones are going to be released or not. But the answer is yes because Polytron, the Taiwanese company has showed off its new transparent phone a few days ago.

Having a first look at the phone, one may notice that the phone is well designed with a cool transparent body making people crazy for the new technology. However when we saw the phone for the first time, we noticed that there are some opaque components like memory card, battery, as well as Sim card which would spoil some part of its beauty. But as this is the starting point, there would be more development in the technology. The circuit as well as parts on it such as the CPU (Processor), GPU, and the radio are smartly arranged along the edges of the phone which I liked the most. If it is possible to make them transparent, then it would be a revolution in the field of mobile phones, isn't it ?
The transparent battery is already out as you can see here, while there is a possibility that they would do something that would make the whole thing transparent.

transparent mobile phone concept  

Yes, the that is that any person in front of you would be able to see what you are doing on your phone so you must be careful as this has to do with your privacy. But there would be a smart solution to this as well. This phone would be running the Android OS, or maybe some other OS depending on the company.

Everyone has been talking about this since a long time ago and finally the dream is going to be true, thanks to Polytron. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a transparent display but there is no idea whether this will be the reality. We have also seen Google Glasses which have released recently but are costly. Perhaps this phone would have a good configuration and would be released very soon.
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