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Top 4 Ways Why Android is better than iPhone

Android better than iPhone


1. Very Less Customization as compared to Android

Yes, when it comes to comparing the customization capabilities of android phones and the iPhones, one may notice the biggest drawbacks of the iPhone. You can almost customize each and every part of your android phone like fonts, live wallpapers, keyboards, status bar, widgets, put shortcuts, launchers, app drawer, and many more. However iPhone barley has so many features. Also the iPhone users don’t have variety of cool and awesome widgets, keyboards, live wallpapers for customizing their phones. Apple does not allow third-party keyboards on their phones. On the other hand Android is a way much better than iPhone as it allows the user to install any third-party keyboards.
Hence this is the most important point while comparing the two greatest OS'es.

2. The iPhone is too small in front of all the android devices….

Apple has been manufacturing iPhone’s June 29, 2007, but one of the major drawbacks we may notice is the size of those phones. Even the iPhone 5 is too small in front of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which comes with a huge 4.8 inch screen and is priced low as well. Alcatel has manufactured the thinnest phone in the world (android phone) and is better than the iPhone in terms of mobility as well as the looks.
You may ask a question that what makes those devices with large screens so special ?….just imagine watching a film at your home and at the theater…where will you enjoy the more???…Definitely at the theater. Put simply, larger screen provides more entertainment and quality than the small traditional screens.

3. No standard micro-USB cables for iPhones and No NFC

All the android phones have micro-USB cables which can be used for almost all the latest phones. However, the iPhone 5 has a proprietary connector called "lightning" instead of standard micro USB. The iPhone has connectivity options that cannot be used with other phones and this is one of the drawbacks of the iphone. So beware iPhone buyers, beware because you have to carry your chargers all the time. The more bitter thing is that iPhone doesn’t have NFC at all and users cannot enjoy the new payment methods.

4. No Third-Party Apps Without Jailbreak:

Although iPhone has many apps, but there is a very big problem that even persists in the iOS 7. The users are  only blessed with the apps which are provided by the Apple Store. The users have to jail break in order to install third-party apps. But this is not the safest way of doing so. Jail breaking a device voids warranty and the number of jailbroken apps is very small. For submitting an app to the store, you need a developer's license or by putting it up for evaluation by Apple's App Store censors. However, on Android you can simply write an app and send the installation file to your friend via email or by some other means.
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